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Rift Entry - Water Colossus by Tartauris Rift Entry - Water Colossus by Tartauris
An entry to the Rift Create a Colossus Contest. Enter, Obulysa, The Spawn Keeper. A pet shrimp once kept by the fledgling mage, Scotty of Quicksilver College. After the shrimp had passed, Scotty flushed it down the drain where the combination of failed alchemical experiments and the torrent of rift energy miraculously brought it back to life with greatly enhanced intellect. Thus, Obulysa was born and she longed to see her master once again.

Alas, the sewage emptied out into the ocean and into an open water rift. A hundred years she spent swimming about the Plane of Water, contemplating the nature of her universe as her figure slowly mutated. Twisting over the years until she barely resembled her original form. Huge claws slowly started to grow from her shell and her tiny forelegs fell off soon after. Her horrific transformation and the centuries of being shunned and feared by most of the aquatic life in the Plane of Water brought her to madness until miraculously she managed to stumble through another rift.

Having returned to Telara, she searches desperately for her master, unintentionally terrorizing the fisherfolk in the process.

My original concept sketch was was of some kind of demon worm with claws springing out of its back and a really long tongue hanging out of its mouth. Somehow, I got the idea that it looked a bit more like a shrimp or lobster and changed the drawing.

There's still a lot I can work on to improve it but this is the first thing that I've painted I've painted in a while and am pretty happy considering I got this far in about 15-18 hours.
Tartauris Featured By Owner May 15, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Looking back at this piece, I did a pretty damn good job on those eggs *Smug*
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June 19, 2011
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